Sunday, February 7, 2010

Evaluations in ASD

The Raising Children Network released in 2009 some things for parents to consider in testing for ASD. I thought this was interesting because it raised several issues in the testing that I had myself. While it does stress the fact that evaluations are important it also stresses the importance of looking at these evaluations to compare their validity. They are quick to point out some factors that gauge whether or not the treatments are working. Things such as clearly explaining how the treatment is to be implemented,controlling other possible causes of change in the behaviour or symptom and repeating the test to see whether the same results are found. Things that I feel any concerned parent should do regardless.
It also goes on to say things that should not be considered as unquestionable proof include personal testimonies, even those from other parents, the word of an ‘authority figure’ – professionals can give conflicting advice about a treatment as well as the collective opinion of a particular group of professionals. So in essence you can't just take the doctors word for it you have to look at all the evidence with an objective point of view.
The writers are also apt to point our that reviews that have not been peer reviewed or published should not be trusted as they may not carry any evidential weight. Systematic reviews should carry the most credit. They are quick to warn against fad companies who make claims that have no scientific evidence to support their claims.
I found this article useful because it was the first one I had seen that gave me the security to question the experts. It gave me tools to use to ask for the testing and the verification of that testing. I felt better knowing it was okay to doubt or to ask to be shown where the evidence was. I don't just have to accept anything just because they said so.

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